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(Am I saint or sage?) | हिंदी रचना – क्या कोई ऋषि-मुनि हूँ मैं... Hindi – Kya koi Hrishi-Muni hun main...

(Am I saint, sage or monk?) | हिंदी रचना – क्या कोई ऋषि-मुनि हूँ मैं... Hindi – Kya koi Hrishi-Muni hun main...

कल अचानक यह एहसास हुआ कि जैसे कोई मुनि हूँ मैं,
एक धुँधली सी छवि, यज्ञ की अग्नि, पास बैठा ऋषि हूँ मैं...

मंत्रों का करके उच्चारण आहुति सी दे रहा था,
विचित्रतावश विभिन्न मंत्र स्वयं ही कह रहा था...

जाने कैसे, किस प्रकार और किसने सिखाया था,
हर मंत्र जैसे मन-मस्तिष्क, 'आत्मा' से स्वतः ही आया था...

पूर्व जन्मों की स्मृति हो कहीं, यह भी विचार आया था,
पर घटित तो हो रहा था वर्तमान में, यही सोच रहा हूँ मैं..

बस यही सोच रहा हूँ मैं, संभवतः कोई मुनि हूँ मैं,
एक धुंधली सी छवि, यज्ञ की अग्नि, पास बैठा ऋषि हूँ मैं...

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Remembering Pratyusha Banerjee; “Suicide is not chosen, it happens when pain Exceeds resources for coping with pain”

The month of April 2016 began with very sad and shocking news when we heard that the very beautiful and young Pratyusha Banerjee was found dead in her house. Pratyusha had reached to the heights of name and fame as well as deep down in our hearts. We had not seen her enough, we were just waiting to see more of her acting and her liveliness when came the news of her death. Personally, upon hearing the news from a third party, I was upset that someone from the rumor spreading agents has crossed the limits of shame and spreading just another rumor for 1st of April.  I wish it was a rumor! It was not…

While I do not watch television serials, these are something that most of our families watch on television. We move forward in our by getting updates of these shows and seeing these faces everyday for many years. Somewhere, we also become a fan of their acting, skills and the aura they act with. Pratyusha, for no doubt was the young actress who had joined ‘Balika Vadhu’ in the middle and had only taken the show to new heights after that with her acting.

It was too early for her to leave the world! The investigations, accuses, allegations and controversies are going on about her suicide commitment, but what is the most sad part we know is nothing can bring her back now. It is very sad happening that should not have happened. And that too by suicide?

She deserved a mention in whatever little or more I can write for her. Hence I decided to put it in this blog to remember that she was valuable for all of us and we can’t think of anything after realizing that she’s gone forever.

Below is what I had shared on Facebook, being driven in emotions and indigestion that how much one has to suffer that suicide seems as the only mode to end the pain and the suffering forever-

#1 April 1 at 10:31pm

#PratyushaBanerjee ( #BalikaVadhu ex-lead #Anandi) is no more.
If it is really suicide, What a waste of life!
Life is so precious that you must not end it for some assholes. It is many times better to run away or to start from scratch THAN ending your life after which you may not be existing to even feel the peace you had wished for!
#Prayers for Pratyusha so her soul attains peace.
Be it suicide or a murder, it is just so bad and unjustified that we often ruin things we can't make. Seriously, what a waste of life!
Nobody should do that to him/her or anybody's life. It's precious yaar! It's a boon to exist as a human.
May God bless her soul with peace and #justice.”

#2 April 2 at 11:50pm

"Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain."

Some may feel I am overreacting on just another suicide case of a celeb. But it is not like that! All I am wondering is about a girl or a human who went away so soon, leaving a huge part of her life "unlived"! And that is what is too sad here.
Every year, or say every minute someone he or she commits suicide for different reasons. I feel sad for them. Because they are often the ones who had too less to enjoy their lives... When they are alive, they have to suffer through a lot and then they don't even get their life to live further. That is seriously an injustice for which the person itself as well as the others are very much responsible. It's a loss that can't be recovered...

Hope is a great thing, but even that cannot bring us our lives. All it can do is make your lives better but if they are not good today.

With that said, we should not also be a cause for someone's suicide attempt.. Because that becomes a huge guilt for all if he or she succeeds.

Well, I feel I have been a lot stronger than these late people. Or I had been a forgotten history. Praying peace for all the souls..

#3 Yesterday (April 4) at 7:17am

It happens often with some of us that we everyday try to change for the good but circumstances drive us back into the same mess again, to do the same messy things again.
It seems we are monitored by the nature or an invisible enitity that does not want us to live our lives the way we wish to live... Hurdles are made to fell in our ways and ropes are tightened on us so we can't even jump and cross these hurdles...
It's quite questionable if that invisible power is of God or an Evil..
"Should not we define human life as some hundred years of compromises?" ...for many, this lifespan ends too early.

Final thoughts for now

You may be having your own reasons to die so soon. But still, I wish you could exist for longer. Wish you could be saved in the hospital. Wish you may not have had to suffer so much. You had all the rights to survive for longer in your life. And now you are gone! That truth pricks me more that you were too young to die. Nobody deserves the death that comes before time and after a lot of suffering. We must exist in hope of seeing better days. You should have been alive to see better days, dear Pratyusha! And now all we can do is to miss you and feel sorry for every injustice you had to be through.

“May God bless you with peace… your story remained half lived, half un-lived… Only God knows what would be the answer to all that happened with you and remained incomplete”. RIP.

Friday, 25 March 2016

There's no Writer's block: It's a mental, emotional, spiritual block that we face.

Ever since I have been interested to read more about writing, I have often came across a commonly coined term, "a Writer's block". If we find that term anywhere we already know what is 'assumed' as a Writer's block. It is when a writer finds him or her unable to do write-ups. They have all the skills but thoughts are not strong enough to continue writing. Simply said, we find us lost somewhere, just unable to concentrate on anything productive.

Well, my theories and assumptions mostly depend on the facts and inner realization.  So, what I have realized individually is that There's no such thing as a Writer's block. In fact, such a block is a common block that applies on almost everything that exists in our life and routine. I should better call it a mental block, or an emotional block, or a spiritual block. It is mostly when we are unhappy, troubled, tired or depressed in our lives.

Being humans, we are all emotional beings. Whatever happens in our lives either makes us or breaks us (...and our thoughts). That's from where we find ease or unease in writing the best we can.

Therefore, my friendly advice to one and all suffering a Writer's block would be to stop being the 'paying' guest of such terms and rather start questioning yourself if a writer's block is all that is happening with you? Are you really happy from your life? Is there something that keeps you worried and awake in the night? If it is so, then it is better to just stop thinking for a while and rather make efforts to heal your life. Because that is where the issue is. That is what has to be repaired.

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Remembering Pratyusha Banerjee; “Suicide is not chosen, it happens when pain Exceeds resources for coping with pain”

The month of April 2016 began with very sad and shocking news when we heard that the very beautiful and young Pratyusha Banerjee was fou...