Thursday, 14 May 2015

When I was wondering about having no best friends

Recently, I was just wondering about having no friends. Because those from who I had expected to be friends, changed all of a sudden without any reasons known to me. And even the rest of them were not destined to befriend for a long time. Perhaps, their purpose of coming in my life was over, so they moved on. I should also try for the same. Anyways, while wondering, I just wrote some pieces of text at random and thought of including it in here.

To be almost 20 in some months, still have not known what friendship is, still no friends to count on fingers. Am I so special and abandoned case in life?

Lonely Guy, Introversion, No friends. (Image source: unknown) |ankwrites

A few more years and the 'reign' of making young friends will be over. And I might be ending up thinking why could not I've a single friend during a complete 'phase'.

Whether I accept it or not, the fact remains intact...

Some left, Some did not wanted 'just friendship', Some ruined it for ego, for some I was responsible..
And even after accepting this I could not even confess to them that they all still mean a lot to me for whatever short span we were together. I owe them for those moments and whatever they made me learn.



‪‎"Perhaps,‬ what we learn from them is the only purpose why we meet new people and get influenced. We should or should not be upset or thinking over and over why they came if they were meant to move out someday. Sharing moments and vision maybe one of the purposes..." :)

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