Friday, 14 August 2015

Finding a domain name that does not already exist, is a challenging task

Going by the title, it is really hard to find right domain names for your blog, business or personal taste. A domain that usually comes at 10-20$ or 1500 INR, become almost 60 to 100 times the usual cost when we come to know that a domain with our desired name has already been occupied by domain leechers (second hand sellers?) And that is really disturbing to the most of us.

Recently, I had to buy three domains for a friend who needed me to do it for him. I had brainstormed a few good names in accordance to the taste of subjects, but then I came to know that those names are already occupied or are for sale at higher bids. Worst does it go when all you can do is to use a contact form and wait forever to get a reply from domain owner. I managed to get domains and have left one for now to register as and when I find a good name for it.

Thanks to my personal choices of naming things. Usually, I use names that does not seem hybrid or unlikely. I always try to use usernames, blog names and anything to be named based on the real words or the words that read like real.

Domain names on Phrases, Adjectives, Adverbs are all gone. That's the business.

Lol. Most, if not all... Anything a person planning to buy a domain name for personal, social or business interests may want is to use a word or name that already exists in people's mind, so visitors can also remember the site once they make a visit.

One of the most commonly seen domain type is a .COM domain, be it your commercial website or anything different. But if a .NET domain or .Org domain can be grabbed with our desired names, why not grab it? I mean, spending half of your project's budget on buying a domain from second hand sellers does not look good to me. The best that I feel should be done is brainstorm your mind, use some imagination and creativity and create unique domain names, than almost begging the domain owner to accept our bids and handover the domain to us. And who knows, if that uniquely named domain or brand name may become your unique global identity?

Domain Mafias

On the top of it, I am writing this post because I wanted to congratulate these domain re-sellers for running a fat business out there. No matter how it troubles the real people in need of (those domain names), you guys are doing something that has been working for you.

Since sometime, I have been experimenting what good domain names are available to be registered and it was funny that several of these names have been taken by you guys and have been put on for sale at wonderfully increased prices. Thanks to the creativity factor that exists in most of us, or having a desired name for domain would have been a dream how come true.

Should not I call you guys the real "Domain-Mafias"? No Offence.

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