Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Working on setting up another blog

Perhaps making blogs under weird, stranger names and blogging anonymously has become another hobby since quite some years. But this time, it is going to be a bit different…

Since a few days, I am working on setting up my new blog. I am busy in deciding the blog plan, rough sitemap, keywords and the sub topics that can be covered under the proposed niches.

Like always, I have thought a lot about the name of my blog…

I agree. I am a psycho in case of deciding the perfect names for my blogs, usernames and mail ids. I do not prefer writing a number or symbol even on my mail ids and if such a mail id already exists, I might move to some other name, but will not add numbers to it. The story may be different in case of writing passwords. #LOL

For the current blog, I am dreaming for a good future and my continued efforts on writing and SEO on it, once the planning and setting up phases gets over.

Beginning with a very limited budget…

Because most of my blogs have been hobby based and on free blogging platform, I never need a serious budget to continue my blogging work. But this time, things are different. I am planning for a website, but working on a weblog… so I am trying to limit the niches I will consider.

I really want this blog to bud and grow well with time. But as I mentioned, I have a very limited budget and things will not be changing anytime soon. I will be keeping its name and my name a secret for some time, so any number of advertises and funds may not be there.

I believe real, quality Content is the real Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…

One good faith that I have developed from my experience till right now when I am writing this text is: “Content is the initial and final trick to SEO”. Search Engines point to your blogs only when there are posts with serious amount of correct content inside. That is how I will be working on my next blog once it gets launched. I will take care to update it as much as possible with my resources never being less than 1000 words for most of the times. 

(I am automatically good at researching a lot, then thinking a lot and then writing a lot. Some ‘pretending to be’ experts are found saying to keep the word limit below 1500 words or 2000 words. But I cannot help it every time. When I am dedicated a lot, I will write a lot. I needed, I might split the article into two good parts, as suggested by the same group of experts).

I am expecting a lot from my next blog and I just wish that may it get launched soon and work well ahead. If you are reading this text, you can please send a free wish for the growth of my blog to your God, because I believe prayers are heard by Him.

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