Friday, 25 March 2016

There's no Writer's block: It's a mental, emotional, spiritual block that we face.

Ever since I have been interested to read more about writing, I have often came across a commonly coined term, "a Writer's block". If we find that term anywhere we already know what is 'assumed' as a Writer's block. It is when a writer finds him or her unable to do write-ups. They have all the skills but thoughts are not strong enough to continue writing. Simply said, we find us lost somewhere, just unable to concentrate on anything productive.

Well, my theories and assumptions mostly depend on the facts and inner realization.  So, what I have realized individually is that There's no such thing as a Writer's block. In fact, such a block is a common block that applies on almost everything that exists in our life and routine. I should better call it a mental block, or an emotional block, or a spiritual block. It is mostly when we are unhappy, troubled, tired or depressed in our lives.

Being humans, we are all emotional beings. Whatever happens in our lives either makes us or breaks us (...and our thoughts). That's from where we find ease or unease in writing the best we can.

Therefore, my friendly advice to one and all suffering a Writer's block would be to stop being the 'paying' guest of such terms and rather start questioning yourself if a writer's block is all that is happening with you? Are you really happy from your life? Is there something that keeps you worried and awake in the night? If it is so, then it is better to just stop thinking for a while and rather make efforts to heal your life. Because that is where the issue is. That is what has to be repaired.

#JustThinking #Blabbering

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